Snack Pack Reusables: reusable snack & sandwich bags

Free of BPA, Lead & Phthalate

Reuse - Reduce - Save Money Yes, YOU can make a difference!

Fundraising Program

 Fundraise With SnackPacks


SELL reusable snack & sandwich bags!


EARN money for your school or cause!

*the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic baggies *we give you 20% of your total sales
*food safe: free of BPA, Lead and Phthalate *a thank you gift for each salesperson
*18 hour food freshness *an eco-friendly and trendsetting “sugar free” product
*easy to clean: wipe with cloth or machine wash and dry *free shipping
*trendy, cool and loved by kids of all ages, a great gift *made in Canada

Gumboots - Blue


$15 per pack
1 Snack Bag + 1 Sandwich Bag



SnackPacks will help your school, organization or group raise money & support the environment.



Download our Fundraising forms here:

Snackpack Fundraising Package (full package)


Individual Fundraising Forms:

Fundraise with Snackpack

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Download our Suggested Script for Students/Sellers and Poster:

Suggested Script

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Product Description & Price

Made in Canada

Yes, YOU can make a difference...
Saving the planet... one baggie at a time

SnackPack Reusables Tutorial
Finally, an all-Canadian solution to the astounding environmental problem that has resulted from the waste of billions of single-use plastic bags! Sewn locally in Alberta, SnackPack snack and sandwich bags are food-safe, fun, affordable and friendly to the environment. With a variety of prints, colours and sizes available schools, organizations and corporations will also love SnackPack Reusables. Our food safe nylon interior is lead free, BPA free, PVC free and phthalate-free, and keeps food fresh while the colourful exterior appeals to everyone. Our online store, fundraising program and wholesale program will make it easy for you to make a difference...saving the baggie at a time!

Did You Know?

The number of plastic bags used in Canada each year is staggering; Canadians use almost three billion bags per year! The average family of four uses 1000 plastic bags per year, and 98% of these end up in a landfill. These plastics can sit for 1000 years before breaking down!